New Philippine Proposal Coat of arms and Flag






For the Flag:

Gold part with The arms of Manila, the capital/F.A.D. is the honor which is the seat of the federal government that united the Philippines.

The Hashemite colors (Green, White, Black) part with an Or/yellow crescent moon and star in a gules/red circle in white part and an Or/yellow traditional bolo in the green part represents Muslim Filipino peoples.

Light Blue with white outline cross represents Filipino Christianity with a dark red line represents Noble Sacrifice, and blood of heroes.

The 8 ray sun represents the country’s first group of provinces that started the 1896 Philippine Revolution against Spain.

The 22 stars represents the 22 ethnic states.

The Left Blue with an island that represents a tropical archipelago and Red parts of the right side of the flag represents the Former(/Current) flag of the Philippines.

For the Coat of arms:

The Crest could be blazoned:

Paleways of two, Azure and Gules, in the dexter an eagle displayed Or, and in the sinister a crowned lion rampant Or; a chief Argent a semy of twenty-two mullets Tenne; and in point of honor, an ovoid Argent over all the sun rayonnant with eight minor and lesser rays Tenne. Beneath a scroll reading “FEDERACION DE LAS FILIPINAS”.

The angels besides the crest in the coat of arms represents the 2 pre-dominant religions (christianity and islam).

The Philippine eagle represents a strong nation with strong diverse cultures and languages ;that was also one of the endangered species and can only be found in the Philippines…

1898 was the year when independence was proclaimed from Spain.

The Spanish text “Federacion de las Filipinas” means the Federation of the Philippines. Spanish was the candidate for the lingua franca of the Philippines and an official language of the Philippines.

The Bald Eagle and a Crowned Leon Represents the Colonizers of the Philippines; USA and Spain, that deeply influenced the Philippines on culture, history, language, governance, and etc.


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