Talking about Real Practical Solutions-oriented grown-ups

(Re: Political, economic reform: Best left to the grown-ups)


Charter Change is only meant to be a practical first enabling step towards real progress, a shift to a better framework. It is unfortunate that enlightened debate about the proposed shift in the form of government has been hampered by allegations of hidden motives by traditional politicians, by some group that doesn’t even proposed any solutions and by a public suspicious of an unspoken agenda of certain politicians. Constitutional reform advocates were flexible of differing views but, some others had wrong understanding of some of their agendas. Sharing your own opinion in a discussion is ok but if there’s something wrong with it, it must be corrected by facts. The main point of a discussion is to discuss what is right. While in debates, is to argue who is wrong, and who is right.

Unfortunately, evidently not everyone is speaking in real facts. A Constitutional reform movement known as the CoRRECT movement led by a Successful, Singapore-based overseas Filipino worker named Orion Perez Dumdum has been falsely accused in the original article wrote by a blogger, Ben Kritz in Orion is accused of attacking Get Real Phillipines which is definitely wrong. Well you see, GRP writers firstly commenced an attack against Orion, and the said constitutional reform movement by writing articles in their blog site against constitutional reform, and Orion (indirectly). Orion only did his right to reply against those false information against constitutional reform, and him being spread.

The First shot against CoRRECT(that triggered hostilities): “Will the Philippines prosper if we change it’s system of government?” – by BenignO on May 11,2013

Orion was once a loyal member to Get Real Philippines and been helping Benign0 debating with naysayers. He was also accused of being a traitor when in fact, he was the one who made Get Real Philippines and he always carries Get Real Philippines in all of his interviews when he was still inside Get Real Philippines before the betrayal against Orion. CoRRECT started as an initiative of Get Real Philippines, then became an independent movement. Get Real Philippines, nowadays, does have a general understanding that the flaws and failures of the Philippines without offering a solution to solve these.

Benign0 has now purged Get Real Philippines so that the only remaining Get Real Bloggers, and Followers are all losers and whiners, and all the solutions-oriented people have all moved over to CoRRECT since CoRRECT is about finding solutions to make the Philippines a better place and knows how to solve these by a systematic-approach of problem solving, that’s why constitutional reform is merely an enabling step to solve these problems. GRP has now returned to its “core competency” of whining and ranting about “why the Philippines is hopeless”, and worse, they’re even actively attacking people who are trying to come up with solutions to improve the country, even if those people were even their former colleagues at Get Real Philippines who came from the solutions-oriented faction. Orion never even said that Constitutional Reform was the only solution since he wrote articles that mentioned many other solutions other than Constitutional Reform such as the RH Bill, the FOIA bill, and many more.  Ben Kritz was originally on-board with the “System Change” perspective like what CoRRECT is until he reversed his brain.

Criticisms are taken sincerely if it is constructive but a right of reply must be respected. There are so many things that keep reminding me of the urgency of finding practical, systematic-approached solutions. I only have to eat chicken and see the left-over bones to be reminded of pagpag, which has got to be the saddest phenomenon that has developed in the Philippines. Its also hard not to be reminded of the OFW phenomenon when I know my mom, and my relatives have to work abroad. Don’t the people at Get Real Philippines even care? It certainly does not seem like they do. In fact, judging from many of their articles and comments, they seem rather stuck up to me. I remember reading a Get Real Post article years ago that stated that Filipinos are among the worst kinds of racist, not because they are xenophobes, but because they are racists towards their own people. Now that I think about it, this description sounds a lot more like a description of themselves. the speculation is that Get Real Philippines may actually be attempting to prevent any sort of reform. CoRRECTors have their own private lives, and doesn’t have any interests on personal information about Get Real Members. Those Personal information about them that was being spread are shared in public by themselves. Orion doesn’t have any eyes within their privately shared posts, and information as Orion doesn’t have any access on their restricted, private accounts.


One thought on “Talking about Real Practical Solutions-oriented grown-ups

  1. The CoRRECT Movement is named as such because CoRRECT is merely an acronym for “Constitutional Reform & Rectification for Economic Competitiveness & Transformation.”

    All the so-called “criticisms” coming from GRP – particularly from Benign0, Paul Farol, and Ben Kritz – are not even fair or objective assessments of the movement and instead happen to be strawman arguments that seek to criticize grossly distorted depictions and misrepresentations of what the CoRRECT Movement stands for or what it originally set out to do. Orion had already clearly explained to these people so many times what exactly the movement is supposed to do back when they were still in the same team, especially since Benign0 and Kritz (Farol was not even in GRP that time) were disinterested in being involved in any advocacy outside of the internet. As such, Orion designed the way the original advocacy would work so as to accommodate their desire to be confined to blogging. That’s is why when Orion was forced to spin-off the CoRRECT Movement, he maintained the same ideals of the advocacy being one that would essentially inform, educate, and enlighten the public.

    That of course, did not stop Orion from making many alliances and even contacting veteran charter change advocates to lobby existing politicians to take up this cause. He and many other senior members and co-founders are active with this behind the scenes but he does not go around boasting about the connections he makes.

    Moreover, all those accusations about “publicly divulging personal information” are mostly deeds that Paul Farol himself did such as when he sent photos of Ilda and Benign0 over to Carlos Celdran to incite him to attack them and get them retaliating against Carlos so as to start a blog war. Paul Farol was already busy writing articles critical of Carlos Celdran as was Benign0, but Farol thought to stir the pot further and anger Carlos more to incite him to attack the two. Farol was responsible for all of this and the proof is undeniable and yet Ilda and Benign0 refuse to look at the empirical evidence that proves that their “friend” Farol actually betrayed them in order to start a flame war.

    Moreover, the upcoming legal action that will soon force Ilda and Benign0 to bring down their hate-blog is not something that Orion initiated at all and was instead something that a totally separate individual with contacts in Australia is actively pursuing on his own.

    Benign0 and Ilda have to learn to look at themselves and look within their own ranks to see that their biggest enemy is Paul Farol: a man so evil that he would betray his own “friends” just to start a blog war.

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