Coat of arms based on the Original design of the Original Flag of the Philippines that is shown in a museum in Baguio City, Philippines

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A Digital Rendition by Trajano Cabrales Dagala of the Original Independence Flag.

PHIL CoA 4th re-edit

Greater Version of the Proposal Coat of Arms with cross flags based on the current design of the current flag and crossed-rifles.


A Quotation from Filipino Federalists about the Filipino/Tagalog language which is a fact.

“Filipino” = standardized Tagalog based on the Manila dialect. Differences between Tagalog language and “Filipino” is just like distinguishing British and American English.

What are the benefits of the Spanish language in the Philippines?

“Credits to Orion Perez Dumdum for the insights (an original post of him)”


It is, however, an Economic BONUS for us and would be a good boost in terms of making the Philippines the de-facto Asian conduit to doing business with Latin America if we can get Spanish given a special status. That doesn’t mean making Spanish an official language per se.

It can mean any one of several things:

1) Giving “official language” status to Spanish (which is unlikely)

2) Giving “special auxiliary language” status to Spanish

3) Giving “Heritage Language” status to Spanish

Whatever it is, giving any one of these special titles to Spanish through some kind of official recognition CAN and WILL boost our country’s status as being a de facto center of trade trade between ASIA and the Americas (North America + Latin America).

Latin Americans, for all intents and purposes, have a preference for giving business to their “next of kin.”

Among all countries in Asia, the Philippines is the one they see as their brother-country.

Naturally, Latin American countries have a PREFERENCE for making the Philippines their de facto base of operations for trade and business with the rest of Asia.

They know that anything they do will generate business and revenue for the host country that they will locate their Asian HQ’s and trading posts in.

Rather than making some other country become their “base of operations”, OF COURSE they will prefer to give that to “one of their own.” And in Asia, THAT’S US.

But we have to emphasize that we are with them.

Making our economy much more open to investors and MNC’s will make it easier for them to set up HQ’s in the Philippines.

Giving special status to Spanish, either as an official language, as a special auxiliary language, or a “heritage language” gives official recognition to our shared Hispano-Iberian heritage with Latin America’s countries.

* * * *

But even geography alone already favors us!

We are indeed the “gateway” from the Americas to Asia.

We just really need to recognize that we have what it takes to turn our country into a HUB of business between the Americas and Asia.


Police vehicles in Zamboanga city, Philippines. The Chavacano-Latin City of the south. This is the proof that how historically connected is the Spanish language to the Philippines, and yet it’s broken version of it (Chavacano Language)and it’s dialects are still in use up to these days.

Credits to Orion Perez Dumdum for the insights (an original post of him).