Proposed Armed Forces of the Philippines Seals and Flags


(From above to lower right) Armed Forces seal, Army seal, Air Force seal, Navy seal, and Marine corps. seal


(From left to right) Reserve Army Command, Reserve Navy Command, and Reserve Air Force command

DND flagnationstates

Department of National Defense Proposal Flag


Proposal Armed Forces of the Philippines Flag


Proposal Army Flag


Proposal Air force Flag


Proposal Air force Roundel


Proposal Naval Jack

coast guard

Proposal Coast Guard Jack



Proposal Marines Corps. Flag

Rendered by both Trajano Dagala Cabrales , and Charles Judiel Baynas


Better and Simple New Coat of arms, Flags, and Ensigns Proposals


The Coat of Arms:

3 stars represents 3 geographical locations in the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao Island/Island groups.
8 rayed sun with face represents the first 8 provinces who revolted against spain.

The 1st quarter in yellow with a blue scutcheon with a merlion holding a sword and stands in a globe depicting the location of the Philippines among Asia-Pacific-Oceania region represents the Philippines as an archipelago; the merlion was also to represent the capital: Metro Manila(F.A.D. currently N.C.R.) and it was the traditional emblem of Manila

The 2nd quarter in green with 2 crossed bolos represents muslim filipinos(as predominant religion).

The 3rd quarter in blue with an american bald eagle represents USA as a blue administrator colonizer of the Philippines and it’s influences and achievements for uniting the archipelago.

The 4th quarter in red with a crowned spanish leon represents spain as a blue administrator colonizer for 300 years rule of the Philippines and it’s influences and achievements for uniting the archipelago; represents christian filipinos(as predominant religion).

The Medal represents the Órden del Sol, the highest honor to be given by the future federation of the Philippines

 Two crossed palm branches represents the country’s flora and prosperity

An inscribed scroll with the official name of the country in Spanish(heritage official language of the Philippines): “(La) Federación (De Las) Filipinas” with a shortened version of a motto : En el este, que florece y triunfa (In the East, It flourishes and triumphs.).



The National Flag and Ensign (CSW/CSW – Usage for all purposes on land and sea):


The Lengthwise stripes/rectangles of Yellow, Blue, Red are from the current flag of the Philippines with an added green to represent the muslims.

The Crosswise Stripe/Rectangle of White in the center are also from the current flag with the Coat of arms in the middle of it.



The State War Flag (*SW/*** – Usage by state services and military on land in times of war.):


Only then, Instead of a Crosswise White Stripe/Rectangle, but a White Triangle that was from the design of the current flag with the Coat of arms in the middle with 2 crossed rifles behind the arms to represent a country in war.


State ensignThe State and Civil Ensign (***/CS* – Usage on private (merchant ensign) and state-owned vessels.)


A White Scutcheon with a Merlion(see meaning above in the Coat of arms meaning).

naval ensignNaval Ensign (***/**W – Usage by Navy)


A Blue Scutcheon with a Merlion(see meaning above in the Coat of arms meaning).


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